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Painting #3

"Lavender Sunset"

Recently I bought an oil painting by John Lasater and I thought I would use it as inspiration do one of my pastels. Here is my interpretation of his beautiful plein air piece from Augusta MO. This is "Lavender Sunset ", 6"x6".

Painting #2 for 2015

Curious Cows

I have been having fun painting fog recently. While in Arkansas I came across this beautiful scene with the sun coming through the fog. While photographing the light these cows emerged out the mist. 

Painting #1 for 2015

Waiting for a Windy Day by Michele Wells

“30 paintings in 30 days”

January is here and it is time for "30 paintings in 30 days". I have signed up for Leslie Saeta's challenge along with almost 1000 other artists around the world. Here is a link to her blog posts.

This little painting is similar to one that I did last year in Door County. "Waiting for a Windy Day" is 8"x6". I plan on going to Door County again so I need to practice my boats!

30 in 30

Lifting Fog by Michele Wells

New 30 in 30 Coming Soon

30 in 30 is a painting challenge. Artists strive to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. My first attempt was last January 2014. Because of a bout with the flu I ended up with 24 paintings that were each 5.25" square.

I am planning on doing it again next month. January 2015. I am still deciding what I am going to paint for these 30 paintings. So many options!?